Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just Another Morning

Dear Friend,

I write again tonight with the joyful abandon of a child-eager to share the wonders of this world with all who have an imagination and a ready spirit. Care to join me over a cup of tea?
This morning dawned as mornings usually do, and I had the chance to watch the sun rise high above the tree line that stretches far and away from the borders of our farm. How magnificent, exquisite! Too often I take for granted the gift of light and day and all that is afforded to mankind through it. Can you imagine what a life of dusky skies and no sun would be like? Think of how dismal our lives would be...Thankfully, our Creator has provided us with a rather substantial ball of fire that has done its fair share of shedding light upon this earth for quite some time:) Aaah.... the bliss of summertime and the freedom to enjoy these simple pleasures!
Speaking of pleasures, a lovely surprise awaited me at the mail box this afternoon! For my birthday this year, my mother (see her blog here: http://www.woolytales.blogspot.com ) had a wonderful seamstress commissioned to sew some dresses for me to take to school in the fall. To complete my wardrobe, my mother requested several dresses and skirts that would supply me with a sufficient wardrobe and a happy heart...
Well, this afternoon, two of the dresses arrived and they both fit PERFECTLY! One was made from a solid, forest-green cotton material, and the other a civil-war brown with a very fine print in black. They truly are beautiful. I probably should mention that I dress in a very Victorian style, although comfort and simplicity are my main priorities when sewing or searching for dresses. Of course, staying true to the historical period is always an enjoyable experience, but since I probably won't be having a roommate at school with a willingness to button me up every morning before classes...Well, sometimes a zipper will have to do;)
I plan on (hopefully!) purchasing a camera before leaving in August. My mind still functions under "rolls of film" , so it's about time I catch up with technology, don't you think? If I can get a camera sooner than later, then I will work on uploading pictures of the things I talk about in my posts. Maybe then the words on these pages will become more real for you as a reader, and not just the verses of a writer in her corner of the world...

Until then,

I remain respectfully yours,