Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December 1, 201o SCI Concert: "Lullaby" by Kate Cabrera

A Beautiful End of the Year

Well my friends, my first semester here at the University of Miami has finally wound down, and although I am in my last week during reading days and finals, I am more relieved than anything else that I survived this long and learned so much in the process!!! :) I'll be going home on the fourteenth (Yay!!) , but my winter break will be full of piano practicing and compositional studies. I plan to raid the music library before I leave and take books home on orchestration and choral composition...it's going to be a good break :)
December first was an SCI (Society of Composers, Inc.) concert here at the University and I had the chance to write and perform a piece on the program. It was actually a revision of a piece I wrote last year, but rewritten for piano and two sopranos. I wrote them for my friends Marissa and Madelaine, two of my kindred spirits that I have found here at school. Both young ladies are opera performance majors, and Marissa is a composer as well. She had a piece of hers on the concert too. (It was excellent, by the way!) Anyhow, I'm posting a video of our performance. It was a really rewarding experience, especially since we were the only freshmen on the program. All of the other pieces were by seniors and grad students, and almost all of the faculty were there as well. I felt teary eyed after wards, because although the audience wasn't tremendously large, a good percentage were friends of mine who really care about me and support me in my studies and have been there through all the ups and downs of my first semester in school. How blessed I am! Enjoy the performance :)