Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chapter One

Well, it's been some time since my last post. Needless to say, since moving to the Miami area and beginning school ,my world has been thrown into an uproar and has been slowly transforming into a lifestyle that I could never imagine possible for myself. My days are filled to the brim with music. Through theory, aural skills training, accompanying, and lessons (to name a few) I have begun developing a taste for what the life of a musician in the 21st century entails.

I have been working on revising a piano/voice duet that I wrote earlier last year for an upcoming concert at the U. (That's what we call the university of Miami!) I'll actually find out tomorrow whether or not my score was chosen by my professors for that particular performance. I am so excited!

One of the really neat opportunities I am having now is the chance to sing in one of the ladies'
choirs here at school: Cantilena. Our music selection is varied and fun and beautiful. I say all this because we just had our first conert to night and it was phenomenal.The pictures I am posting can give you an idea (!)

So far, my opportunities to share the gospel here on campus have been bountiful. There are so many ears that are willing to listen to the truth, and yet I find that often it is my own sin and selfishness that prevents (or slows me down) from being ready to share the word at any moment.

I realize that this message is a bit shorter that my previous entries, but I DO plan to post more often. Keep checking back for updates!!!

Love, Kate


Christel Hutson said...

Dear Kate, how wonderful that you are reaching out for your goals! I understand completely how you could sometimes be a bit apprehensive when sharing the truth. God knows your heart Kate, and forgives the hesitation. It must be a daunting task some days... however, very worthy indeed! I can see the joy in your eyes during the performance with the choir. This is truly where you belong, you shine among your peers! I hope your parents will have a wonderful, and relaxing trip. I am so looking forward to hearing from your mother when she returns. I want to know all the details about the marionette performance. I know they were missing their dear Kate. Be well, warmest wishes for you, sweet girl, xoxox Christel

Patricia Cabrera said...

Oh Baby .... I am just about to go to the airport and was reading Christel note to me when SHE mentioned your post, I didn't even knew about it!!!! I love you so much and miss you like crazy... but you know that for sure...grin... I am in the hurry .. when I get back I will call you.... love you, Momma