Friday, March 21, 2008

Kate Cabrera ~ Pianist, Composer

Kate Cabrera is a self-taught young pianist and composer. She was born in 1993, and not long after, her passion for music was evident. At the age of nine, she composed her first score, but that was only the beginning.In 2007, Ms.Cabrera was invited to attend a special notation course held at the Wingate University School of Music in Wingate,NC. In November of that year, she was a guest performer at the University's annual Student Composers event. Since that time, she has composed several new scores {which she recorded with past compositions} at the university.
At the moment, Ms.Cabrera is steadily working on notating her scores for an upcoming Marionette Theatre production.

If you have any comments for Ms.Cabrera, please e-mail her at

If you would like to hear some of her scores, please click on box below.

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